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Professor Armand André passed away during the night of the 15th of May, 2014 in the arms of his beloved wife Suzette.

He was a person of extraordinary generosity, deep convictions and was also endowed with great moral authority, which always guided his actions.

Prof. André was a great expert in haematology and blood groups, but also cultivated Deontology and Ethics, with a great depth of knowledge.

He occupied a very important place in the International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM) and it can even be said that, thanks to his commitment, the Academy managed to consolidate its presence inside and outside Europe, as demonstrated by the Roundtable Symposium on Medical Liability organized in 1981 in Bergen (Norway), the 9th Meeting in Vila Real (Portugal) in 1986, dedicated to transplants and in which he was a Speaker, the 10th Meeting in Vancouver in 1986, in which human rights issues were addressed and where he took on the role of Rapporteur.

In 1965 on the occasion of the XXX International Congress of the French Society of Legal Medicine he made the presentation on Medico Legal Expert Research on Parenthood in collaboration with Professors Moreau and Brocteurs.

Prof. André was the Manager of the Liege Centre for Transfusions and on the death of Prof. Moreau was appointed Professor of Forensic Medicine. In 1974 he organized a splendid International Medico-legal Congress, conducted in French, which brought together the leading scientists of the time. He was a very active man and a great organizer.

In 1980, Prof. André represented Belgium on the occasion of the IALM Symposium on Medico Legal Training of Specialists in Europe, held during the XXXVI International French Congress of Legal Medicine. Indeed, during various Symposia, he dealt with the subjects of specialist training, transplants, human rights, professional responsibility, ethics, which were of much interest to the Academy at that time.

As we all know, IALM was founded in Bonn in 1938. The Second World War interrupted its activity, which was then resumed in 1947 with the holding of a Congress in Brussels, and from that time the main IALM Congress has been held every 3 years. To date there have been 22 Congresses, the venues of which have been Bonn, Brussels, Paris, Genoa, Vienna, Budapest, Opatja, Rome, Munich, Lyon, Liege, Zaragoza, Strasbourg, Dublin, Santiago, Milan, Lisbon and Istanbul.

During the Rome Congress in 1973, thanks to the drive of Prof. Gerin, a renaissance began and continued under the supervision of Prof. Spann on the occasion of the Munich Congress in 1976.

In Rome, the presence of Prof. André was already evident, but it was from the Munich Congress that, in his role as Treasurer during that period and with the assistance of Madame Piron, his contribution to the Academy became invaluable. Indeed, his actions ensured the ongoing financial stability of the IALM and the publication of the Acta medicinae legalis et socialis, the official publication of the Academy, which had been sustained thanks to the efforts of Prof. Moreau, André’s Mentor.

In that period, the appointment of the IALM President took place automatically, since the Organizer of the Congress became President for the following three years. It was Prof. André who, in his role as Treasurer, ensured the cohesion of the Academy in the period between the main Congresses.

A time of great anxiety came when the Organizer of the 11th congress in Moscow resigned and was swiftly substituted by Prof. Roche, who organized the Congress in 1979 in Lyon.

In 1985, the IALM Congress was held in Budapest under the chairmanship of Prof. Somogyi and Prof. André was elected President, to be effective from the Liege Congress in 1988, the year in which the Academy celebrated its first 50th Anniversary.

In Liege the Academy broke with tradition and Prof. Villanueva was elected President, in place of Prof. Castellano, who, being the Organizer of the next Congress, had already been indicated for that position. From that time on, the IALM President was elected regardless of the location of the subsequent Congress. The presidency of Prof. Villanueva became effective at the Congress of Zaragoza (1991), with Prof. André acting as Honorary Chairman.

In the opening speech of the XIV Congress of the IALM, which he chaired in Liege, he expressed his concept of Legal Medicine and the Academy.

“Established fifty years ago, in difficult circumstances, the world at that time being torn between different ideologies, the International Academy of Legal Medicine and Social Medicine celebrates a half- century of existence during this Congress (…).

Forensic Medicine, essentially defined as a link between Law and Medicine, is closely related to the legal systems and the mindset of each Country. It is thus dependent on two main currents, Latin Law and Anglo-Saxon Law”.

The birth of the International Academy of Legal Medicine and Social Medicine originates from the will of a few well-established Forensic Pathologists, eager to share their opinions and knowledge, in order to solve the problems submitted to them by Justice.

After the Second World War, this willingness to collaborate was resumed in an effort to move forward from the past and avoid errors that had been committed previously.

The founders were aware of the plurality of their specialty. Situated between Doctors and Lawyers, they understood the importance of their work in the context of respect for the rights and duties of the individual.

To maintain contacts, the Statute provided for the holding of a Congress every three years. These took place in Bonn, Brussels, Budapest, Copenhagen, Genoa, Munich, Opatija, Paris, Vienna and even twice in some of the aforementioned cities.

Since then, despite the creation of many National or International Societies of Legal Medicine, our Academy has maintained its activities, recruiting members among Doctors and Lawyers worldwide.

We would like to end this brief tribute by quoting a part of his speech at the above mentioned Congress, which shows his sense of ethics and deontology in the expert Medico Legal context.

“This brings me to the field of research in Forensic Medicine, an area about which little is known in many countries, in relation to which the Medico Legal Expert must be endowed with scientific reasoning that can only be acquired through rigorous discipline, only attainable through scientific research. The causes of death, behavioural disturbances, the study of physical evidence, including biological evidence, are all subjects of research.

It is necessary to be cautious in every area of Forensic Sciences and not express opinions unless sure of their reliability, otherwise one risks to divert the course of Justice. Research is required in order to discover new methods, but also to apply them and verify their reliability”.

Those who had the good fortune to know him and enjoy his friendship respected him and desired his respect in turn, and would want future generations to consider him as a unique figure of Legal Medicine and of the Academy, as a mirror to look in and a book to study.


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