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Dear Visitor,

I am extremely pleased to welcome you to the newly updated Website of the International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM).

The Academy was founded in 1938 in Bonn, Germany, and is the longest-standing as well as one of the most prestigious International Scientific Associations in the field of Legal Medicine and the Biomedicolegal Sciences, its Members consisting of those professionals involved in the practise and development of the Forensic Sciences.


Its main aim is to promote the development of the bio-medicolegal sciences into a mature field of multidisciplinary research, enhancing competitive peer-reviewed research, information sharing and trans-national educational programmes, as well as improving the accuracy, precision and reliability of Biomedicolegal practice in the various sub-disciplines.


The site you are now visiting is currently being renovated. In addition to having been streamlined for greater ease of use, the ethos of the new site is identified through its function as a forum to which all of the IALM Members may contribute, that is, a much more open, involving and evolving space for users of the site than was previously the case.


Our aim is to create a user-friendly and comprehensive tool for those professionals and academics across the world operating in the sphere of Legal Medicine, in order to facilitate an exchange of information and a valuable collaboration between countries, institutions, experts and scientists.

From this Homepage you can access the main sections of the Website, consisting of:

  • Association;
  • State Members;
  • Scientific Information;
  • Meetings;
  • Links & Contacts.

As you will notice, a number of modifications have been made to the site in order to facilitate the user’s experience.

Inside Association you will now find the subsections regarding the History & Statutes, Presidium, Presidents and Membership.

The new section concerning worldwide State Members will give you the opportunity to set up pages concerning your country’s legal medical and forensic system, which will be organized into 4 subsections entitled:

  • Institutes;
  • National Societies;
  • National Journals;
  • International Collaboration.


Recently, we have set up the European State Members section and for this section we ask each European country to nominate an Individual with the responsibility to complete each subsection with the relevant information.

In addition, we are also looking for somebody who will be charged with the responsibility of creating:

  • African State Members Section;
  • Middle Eastern State Members Section;
  • Far Eastern State Members Section;
  • North American State Members Section;
  • South American State Members Section;
  • Oceanic State Members Section.

In Scientific Information you will now find the link to the International Journal of Legal Medicine, which is the official publication of the IALM, as well as links to other International Journals and International Societies related to aspects of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences.

In Meetings you will now find information on IALM Meetings, as well as International and National Meetings.

Finally, in the new Links & Contacts section, you will find links to websites of interest to the forensic sciences.

The quality and scope of the information provided on this site thus depends on you.


The IALM will continue to work tirelessly to achieve its goals. I hope that the work of the IALM will continue to generate valuable contacts between professionals of all countries, with a renewed determination to cooperate and go forward together in a spirit of impartiality and sincerity, with full respect for the values of humanism and the importance of human dignity. I firmly believe that by working together to the best of our ability we will be able to achieve results of real excellence in the future.


In this respect it is particularly agreeable to give my thanks to those who wish to notify us of the inevitable errors and shortcomings within the Website, thereby providing us with those suggestions necessary for the most effective improvement of the site.

With kind regards, I wish you all fulfilment and success in your future work,


S. Davide Ferrara
IALM President


Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the home page of the European Academy of Legal Medicine (EALM), an autonomous section of the International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM). EALM focuses its attention to developments and considerations within the European arena on diverse initiatives to enhance and build our discipline. Specifically, we work to:

· promote exchanges of and between scientists;

· organize and/or support sessions, meetings and congresses at a regional level;

  • diffuse information between EALM members concerning new laws and/or regulations of interest in legal medicine;
  • set up standards and support activities in connection with research, teaching and advisory services in European countries.

The language of the website is in English to allow all European states to be up to date regarding ongoing activities, facilitating diffusion of contents and scientific progress, while ensuring the opportunity for our members to share experiences, needs, or quations.

Currently, the website includes four main sections, which can be consulted through the upper bar:

· Association;

· State Members;

· Guidelines & Research (Under Construction);

· Meetings.

The website has been designed interactivelly to allow for users to be involved in the site and provide the opportunity to provide the most complete and accurate information. Each user interested in cooperating will be able to sign up by sending an e-mail to our staff: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

We look forward to seeing you on the site.

The Staff.