Name and Aims

The International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM) - formerly known as the "International Academy of Legal Medicine and Social Medicine" – was originally founded in 1938 (in Bonn). Its aim is the furthering of scientific progress in the field of Legal Medicine, especially by promoting collaboration and the exchange of information among specialists on an International level, by holding scientific meetings and congresses, by recommending guidelines in the different areas of Legal Medicine, and through Scientific Publications.

The IALM shall aim to collaborate with other Scientific Societies and shall endeavour to provide as required the information and expertise to answer public inquiries related to the discipline of Legal Medicine





IALM is very thankful to all those who wish to contribute data, thereby allowing a better knowledge of IALM’s past history, with relevant information, documents and photographs. If you want to send in some text (in English, French or Spanish), please refer to this email. You may also attach your photo and contacts if you so wish.



IALM Statute - Rev. 19.01.2015

IALM Statute - Rev. 29.05.2009



To become a member of IALM, please register on the IALM Website by creating an account and then click on the Become a IALM Member now button.

You will be asked to fill in a form with all of the required information and, once you have completed it, press the submit button. All of the Applications will be evaluated by the IALM Secretary and you should receive a reply shortly after.

You may designate 2 IALM members as referees for your application or two colleagues from the field of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences. Their names, etc. should accompany your application.

You are required to select your type of membership: (1) Full membership and (2) Extraordinary membership to those who do not practice forensic sciences, but who would like to become a member of IALM. Different fees apply for each of the membership choices.

IALM members also have the option of becoming a member of the Forensic Anthropology Society Europe (FASE) section and receiving various extra information from this group.

You can attach your curriculum vitae to the application, if you so wish.

IALM Members according to the country of origin

IALM Members according to the continental section



Prof. Santo Davide Ferrara (Italy)
Past President
Prof. Duarte Nuno Vieira (Portugal)
Vice Presidents
Prof. Angel Carracedo (Spain)
Prof. Patrice Mangin (Switzerland)
Prof. David Wells (Australia)
Prof. Tony Fracasso (Switzerland)
International Relations
Prof. Denis Cusack (Ireland)
Scientific Committee
Prof. Philip Beh (Hong Kong)
Prof. Rossana Cecchi (Italy)
Prof. Stephen Cordner (Australia)
Prof. Henrik Druid (Sweden)
Dr. Silke Grabherr (Switzerland)
Prof. Hans P. Hougen (Denmark)
Prof. Takaki Ishikawa (Japan)
Prof. Eva Keller (Hungary)
Prof. Aurelio Luna (Spain)
Prof. Michael Pollanen (Canada)
Prof. Markus Rothschild (Germany)
Prof. Andreas Schmeling (Germany)
Prof. Morris Tidball-Binz (Argentina)
Prof. Douglas Ubelaker (USA)
Prof. Peter Vanezis (UK)
Prof. Enrique Villanueva (Spain)
Prof. Guido Viel (Italy)
IJLM Representative
Prof. Thomas Bajanowski (Germany)
EALM Representative
Prof. Bertrand Ludes (France)
FASE Representative
Prof. Cristina Cattaneo (Italy)
Dr. Thomas Dewis (UK)
Minutes of the IALM Presidium Meeting - Dubai 2014

Previous Presidiums

IALM Presidium (2012 - 2015)

IALM Presidium (2009 - 2012)

IALM Presidium (2006 - 2009)

IALM Presidium (2003 - 2006)
IALM Past Presidents
IALM President (2006 - 2012)
Professor Duarte Nuno Vieira (Portugal)
IALM President (2000 - 2006)
Professor Walter Bär (Switzerland)
IALM President (1994 - 2000)
Professor Bernd Brinkmann (Germany)
IALM President (1991 - 1994)
Professor Enrique Villanueva (Spain)
IALM President (1988 - 1991)
Professor Armand Andre (Belgium)
IALM President (1985 - 1988)
Professor E. Somogyi (Hungary)
IALM President (1982 - 1985)
Professor Wilhelm Holczabek (Austria)
IALM President (1979 - 1982)
Professor Louis Roche (France)
IALM President (1976 - 1979)
Professor Wolfgang Spann (Germany)
IALM President (1973 - 1976)
Professor Cesare Gerin ( Roma)
IALM President (1970 - 1973)
Professor J. Milinski (Slovenia)
IALM President (1967 - 1970)
Professor S. Okros (Hungary)
IALM President (1964 - 1967)
Professor Maurice Muller (France)
IALM President (1961 - 1964)
Professor Leopold Breitenecker (Austria)
IALM President (1958 - 1961)
Professor Domenico Macaggi (Italy)
IALM President (1955 - 1958)
Professor René Piedelievre (France)
IALM President (1950 - 1955)
Professor Maurice De Laet (Belgium)
IALM President (1941 - 1950)
Professor Kund Sand (Denmark)
IALM President (1938 - 1941)
Professor Jules Leclercq (France)
IALM Bulletin Editorial Committee
Professor Giovanni Cecchetto (Italy)
Dott. Paolo Fais (Italy)
Dott. Thomas Dewis (UK)
IALM Webmaster Group
Lorenzo Campana (Switzerland)