Science & Justice through Research and Innovation: An Interdisciplinary Symposium


Dear Colleagues,

It will be a unique honour and pleasure to host IALM 2020 Symposium, in Ioannina, Greece. The city of Ioannina, the capital and largest city of Epirus, is located in northwestern Greece and is built on the western shore of Lake Pamvotis. The lake and its small island, the monuments of the city such as the Castle and old mansions, Monasteries, Mosques, and Synagogue, will further enhance the enthusiasm of the delegates and thus the participation and success of the Symposium.
Τhe Scientific Program will combine on an interdisciplinary level, latest knowledge, innovations and future trends of various disciplines in the field of forensic and biomedicolegal sciences. The symposium has the full support of the University of Ioannina,
local, regional and ministerial authorities.
We cordially invite you to attend the IALM 2020 interdisciplinary Symposium, inIoannina, confident that you will enjoy a highest level scientific event, combined with the opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world, to be inspired for new collaborations, and to have a wonderful time!

On behalf of the local organizing committee,

Professor Theodore Vougiouklakis
President of the Congress