Welcome Message from the IALM President

Dear Members and Users,

Welcome to the new Website of the International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM), equipped with a number of important updates and improvements that we are confident will make it an even more effective and useful tool for all of the Members of IALM and those professionals operating in the field of the Bio-Medicolegal and Forensic Sciences.

Indeed, the Academy, in accordance with the objectives set out in my Presidential Action Plan, has continued to extend its reach across the globe, utilizing new technologies and methods of dissemination of knowledge, while providing opportunities to meet and exchange the latest Scientific information and expertise, thereby catalysing the essential process of development between countries, institutions, experts and scientists, in what is now a rapidly evolving area.

The new IALM Website embodies, therefore, the aims of our Academy, comprised, as it is, of its Members and those Professionals and Academics involved in the Bio-Medicolegal and Forensic Sciences. These aims include, inter alia, the formation of the Bio-medicolegal Sciences into a mature multidisciplinary field, enhancing competitive peer-reviewed research, information sharing and trans-national educational programmes, as well as improving the accuracy, precision and reliability of Bio-medicolegal practice in the various sub-disciplines.

To better serve these aims, the graphic interface of the Website has been fully renovated, in order to render it more modern, functional, as well as suitable for use with mobile devices. Additionally, several Sections have been implemented.

I am therefore pleased to be able to welcome you to this new platform of the International Academy of Legal Medicine and hope that it will prove to be a useful and effective instrument.


S. Davide Ferrara

IALM President