24th Congress International Academy of Legal Medicine


We are extremely pleased to announce that on the occasion of the IALM Intersocietal Symposium in Venice, which took place in June of this year, the decision was approved to hold the 2018 IALM Congress in Fukuoka, Japan. Such a decision is in line with the Academy’s aim to extend and strengthen relationships of collaboration and intercultural exchange with those areas previously more remote from its sphere of operations, and thus represents a further milestone for IALM.





President's Message

It is a great privilege to host the 24th Congress of the International Academy of Legal Medicine (IALM) in Fukuoka, Japan, and to fulfill the important duties of the president of the Congress. As the first IALM Meeting to be held in Asia, we are happy to welcome many participants in the field from various countries. The congress will have the full support of Japanese Society of Legal Medicine (JSLM). As you know, JSLM has organized successful international meetings like the 14th IAFS in 1996, the 6th INPALMS in 1998 and the 9th ISALM in 2014. In keeping with the recent economic growth taking place in the Indo Pacific region and its important position in the world, there have been remarkable activities and achievements in the field of Legal Medicine. So there is deep significance that Japan will host the 24th Congress of IALM.

In addition to the Congress, I would like to invite all participants to enjoy the excitement of the Fukuoka area, one of Japan’s largest centers of economics and politics, while enjoying the traditional, calm beauty of Japanese culture at a somewhat slower pace.


Prof., Dr. med., PhD
President of the Congress


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