Medicolegal Odontology Working Group

Coordinator: Vilma Pinchi

During the Presidium Meeting held in Dubai, February 2014, a proposal concerning the creation of a Medicolegal Odontology Working Advisory Group was proposed and approved. The ethos and scope of such a Working Gourp are to be strictly situated within a Medicolegal framework, therefore mainly focusing on the issues of dental medical malpractice and dental damage assessment/evaluation.
Professor Vilma Pinchi, currently acting as President of the International Organization for Forensic Odonto-Stomatology (IOFOS) , was indicated as the prospective IALM Representative for the aforementioned Group and, subsequently, drafted a related action plan (see below), which was unanimously approved during the recent Presidium Meeting in Dubai, January 2015.


1. To foster Scientific activity during IALM conferences and Scientific events supported by IALM, contributing to developing topics related to Legal Medicine in dentistry, such as dental litigation and malpractice, tooth damage assessment, as well as ethics in dentistry.
2. To support the dissemination of Scientific knowledge through a regular submission of papers dealing with the aforementioned issues to the International Journal of Legal Medicine.
3. To participate in Scientific plans of IALM aimed at developing Guidelines, recommendations and best standards in relation to the practice of Legal Medicine in dentistry.
4. To participate in the planning for possible acknowledgment of a standard curriculum at International level, both for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
5. To establish and maintain regular collaboration programs at a National level with Academy representatives of Legal Medicine in relation to joint research initiatives, teaching programs and the development of practical procedures.